What can I do if my connection to my smartphone keeps failing?

If the connection between Kiox and the smartphone keeps failing during navigation, it is very likely that the operating system is turning off the eBike Connect app running in the background to save power.
To prevent this for Android smartphones, you can manually add the apps to a list of exceptions. Note: Even if you had already put the app on the list of exceptions and problems occur again, please check again. After an update, the eBike Connect app may have disappeared from the list again.
For example, call up the eBike Connect app under "Settings" > "Apps and Notifications"; call up the energy saving function or battery optimization under the "Advanced" function or directly on "Battery". Display "All Apps" and go call up the eBike Connect app, then switch to "Do not optimize" and confirm.
To prevent this for iPhone smartphones, you can disable power saving mode. For example, under "Settings" > "Battery".

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