Why is my latest tour not synchronised with komoot/Strava?

In eBike Connect you can choose whether you want to synchronise every ride or every tour (which can consist of multiple rides) with komoot:

  • In the eBike Connect app: go to **  >  Settings > komoot/Strava** and select Rides or Tours.
  • In the eBike Connect online portal: Go to **  > Privacy settings > Connected apps > komoot/Strava ** and select Rides or Tours.

If you select Rides, your ride will be synchronised with komoot/Strava after you finish it. Note that only rides with a total distance of 500 m or more can be synchronised.

If you select Tours, your last tour will not be synchronised until your tour is reset and you start a new tour. This way we ensure that your entire tour including all (individual) rides is synchronised with komoot – and no ride data is lost.

Learn how to reset your tour on your display:

  • For Kiox: here.
  • For Nyon (BUI350): here
  • For Nyon (BUI275): here

Please note:
If you don't have automatic reset enabled, you will always have to manually reset a tour.
For successful synchronisation, your display must be connected to the app.

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