What is a trip, how is a ride defined and what does the daily summary mean?

In eBike Connect, a trip is the term for rides with your eBike recorded with the help of Nyon or the eBike Connect app and Kiox. A trip can consist of one or more rides.

An eBike ride begins as soon as you switch on your eBike system and start pedaling and ends after you stop pedaling or switch off your eBike system (or your eBike is automatically switched off) or the eBike is not moved for more than 10 minutes.

The preset automatic daily summary of your individual eBike rides can be deactivated in the Nyon or Kiox settings. You can also set an automatic reset after four hours of inactivity or you can manually reset it, based on what you want to track. For more information FAQ.

The following requirements must be met for an activity to be saved as such:

  • An active GPS connection
  • A minimum activity length of 100 meters
  • A start and end of the activity

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