How can I track my rides with Kiox?

Make sure there is a Bluetooth connection between Kiox and the eBike Connect App smartphone app. You can see if there’s an active Bluetooth connection by a white Bluetooth symbol () on the Kiox status screen. Recording starts automatically as soon as you activate the eBike system and ride off.

In order for the tracking of your rides with Kiox to work properly, we recommend that you agree to the transfer of geolocation data so that your ride data is synchronised with the app or portal. For this purpose, go to More >  Settings > Privacy settings in the eBike Connect app.

Also, change the settings so that the eBike Connect app can always access your location. This is how to do it:

  • iOS
    Open the app  Settings > eBike Connect > Location and select Always.

  • Android (e.g. on a Huawei P20)
    Open the app   Settings Click Apps twice. Click on eBike Connect > Authorisations Activate Location.

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