With which app is my eBike display compatible?

Nyon (BUI275)
Nyon (BUI350)

eBike Connect
The eBike Connect app lets you connect your Bosch Kiox or Nyon display to your smartphone via Bluetooth. You can use the smartphone app to change the settings of your eBike, transfer your planned routes to your display in seconds, or exploit premium functions such as the additional eBike theft protection Lock.
This app only works in combination with the Bosch SmartphoneHub and COBI.Bike hardware (for e-bikes and conventional bikes). The COBI.Bike app turns your smartphone into a handlebar-mounted eBike display. Control your audio apps directly from the handlebar, get up-to-date weather information while on the move or use additional features like Help Connect for greater safety while eBiking.
eBike Flow
The eBike Flow app is the control centre for your eBike with the smart system and connects directly to the LED Remote or System Controller. The app allows you to adapt the eBike exactly to your wishes, to expand it and to keep it up-to-date: You simply download new features and services and install them via Bluetooth. In combination with the SmartphoneGrip, you can use your smartphone as a display on the handlebar.
You will find a list of all suitable products  here.