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Turn on the Nyon, select your language and follow the instructions. You have the following options for putting the Nyon into operation:

"TEST RIDE": You can take a test ride without having to log in or enter data. All ride data will be deleted when you turn the Nyon off.

"OFFLINE": Your riding and user data will only be stored locally on the on-board computer. The data entered will be retained after you turn off the on-board computer, but will not be synchronised with an eBike Connect account.

"ONLINE > SMARTPHONE": Attach the Nyon to the display mount, download the eBike Connect smartphone app to your smartphone, install it and register. Connect your Nyon with My eBike/Add new eBike device. Once the connection is established, the ride data will be synchronised with your eBike Connect account.

"ONLINE > Wi-Fi": Connect to a Wi-Fi network of your choice. You will be directed to the eBike Connect online portal. You can register there. Once the login process is complete, the ride data will be synchronised with eBike Connect. 

Go to the website and open the Register tab, then follow the steps indicated.

Have you imported a GPX route into the online portal? If so, this will be automatically transferred to Nyon at the next synchronisation.

Please note that this requires an Internet connection.
If Nyon is connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth, the routes available on the smartphone will be automatically transmitted.

Nyon automatically notifies you of an existing software update if it is already connected to a Wi-Fi network and also to a power source via USB. After about a minute, the corresponding message appears on Nyon. Please follow the instructions on your Nyon.

You can also check for updates on Nyon yourself by going to "Settings > Connections > Wi-Fi On" in the menu and connecting Nyon to a Wi-Fi network. Then go to "My Nyon" and select "Search for updates". Nyon will search for software updates. If an update is available, you will receive a corresponding message. Connect the Nyon to your computer via USB and follow the instructions on your Nyon.

Go to Settings> Bluetooth> Heart Rate Belt and select your heart rate monitor. Nyon will connect to your heart rate monitor. The active connection to the heart rate monitor is represented by the white heart symbol on the main screen. If you have activated a Bluetooth-enabled heart rate monitor, your heart rate will be displayed in the centre of the screen instead of the pedal power in "Fitness" operating mode.

You will find a list of compatible heart rate monitors in the latest operating instructions ().

1. Select the "Route planning" item in the main menu. 
2. To calculate a route, enter the start and destination addresses or click on a point on the map.
3. You will be offered three route options. Select a route and save it. 
4. The saved route can then be transferred to your Nyon.
5. The route you have transferred will appear on your Nyon as a pop-up. 

1. Remove your Nyon from your eBike when you have completed your trip.
2. However, please leave it on while the Bluetooth connection to your smartphone is still active, or make sure Nyon is connected to a Wi-Fi network.
3. Wait for Nyon to turn off automatically.
After just a few minutes you will be able to see and trace your activity in your user profile in the online portal or in the eBike Connect smartphone app.

Important: If your eBike trip is not yet visible in the app and in the online portal, please repeat steps 2 and 3.

Select the menu on the left and use the joystick to select the "Settings" item.

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