Which activities on the smartphone will restrict the use of Help Connect?

Help Connect is only active as long as the COBI.Bike App is displayed on the ride screen. The Help Connect service in the COBI.Bike App is no longer active as soon as you pick up your smartphone or make a phone call while riding, for example. If the COBI.Bike App is moved to the background or you keep your smartphone in a rucksack, for example, the Help Connect service will no longer be available in the COBI.Bike App.

Despite compliance with the latest technical standards and fulfilment of the obligations under the general terms of use for Help Connect by you, it is always possible that Help Connect may incorrectly interpret a fall and consequently automatically trigger a call to the emergency service control centre, even though there was no emergency ("false alarm").

If a false alarm is triggered by Help Connect, you must - if you can - respond to the messages displayed in the COBI.Bike App or answer the incoming call from the emergency service control centre to clarify whether you need help and to prevent false alarms using rescue equipment. To do this, you must first stop in a safe place to answer the messages or to take a call from the emergency service control centre.

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