What are "Custom Riding Modes"?

The "Custom Riding Modes" premium function allows Nyon owners to set four additional ride modes for themselves. Once you have purchased the function through the shop in the eBike Connect app, you will find the settings in the eBike Connect app and in the online portal under "My eBike" > "Custom Riding Modes".

To define each of the four modes, you can set five reference points for "percentage of motor support" at "speed in km/h". The switch from standard modes to individual ride modes involves using the submenu in "Ride" operating mode. The elements that were previously blue are now yellow. While on a ride, the rider can switch between the individual ride modes in the usual way using the "plus" and "minus" buttons on the control unit. To return to the standard ride modes, select the "Default Riding Modes" sub-function.

For more information, also take a look at our "Custom Riding Modes" tutorial.

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