Do I have to take anything into consideration when buying a new charger?

All three Bosch chargers are available from specialist dealers and are compatible with the PowerPacks and the PowerTube. 

The rechargeable battery needs the latest software version (MY19) for charging with the 6A Fast Charger. The charging current is limited to 4A for rechargeable batteries that use a software version prior to MY19. eBike charging using the Fast Charger is supported from hardware version MY18 (5-pin charging socket on the eBike). eBikes before MY18 can be retrofitted with the 5-pin charging socket. Rechargeable batteries that have been removed from the eBike will work independently with 6A.
The charging current in PowerPack 300s and rechargeable batteries from the Classic + Line is limited to 4A. An adapter is also required to charge Classic+ batteries with the latest chargers.


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