Getting started – how do I set up my on-board computer?

Turn on the Nyon, select your language and follow the instructions. You have the following options for putting the Nyon into operation:

"TEST RIDE": You can take a test ride without having to log in or enter data. All ride data will be deleted when you turn the Nyon off.

"OFFLINE": Your riding and user data will only be stored locally on the on-board computer. The data entered will be retained after you turn off the on-board computer, but will not be synchronised with an eBike Connect account.

"ONLINE > SMARTPHONE": Attach the Nyon to the display mount, download the eBike Connect smartphone app to your smartphone, install it and register. Connect your Nyon with My eBike/Add new eBike device. Once the connection is established, the ride data will be synchronised with your eBike Connect account.

"ONLINE > Wi-Fi": Connect to a Wi-Fi network of your choice. You will be directed to the eBike Connect online portal. You can register there. Once the login process is complete, the ride data will be synchronised with eBike Connect. 

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