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Always informed

With the combination of eBike and apps you are fully connected on the road. These digital features truly enhance your eBike experience. Whether for navigation or for important training data, you'll always arrive well-informed while enjoying your ride to the fullest.

Riding enjoyment and fitness

Whether it's altitude, speed. cadence or heart rate, you can automatically record your performance and evaluate it using various apps. Use your favourite apps such as Strava and Apple Health or Google Fit to monitor your riding performance and share your progress with friends.

The new eBike Flow app enhances your eBike for the digital future

The new eBike Flow app is the control centre for your connected eBike experience. Use the app to control all functions of the smart system, which connects the control unit, display, battery, and drive unit. The app allows you to customise the eBike exactly to your preferences, to enhance it and keep it up to date. All you need to do is download the new features and services and install them via Bluetooth. This enhances the ride even more.

eBike Alarm

eBike Alarm is the alarm function for your eBike: used in conjunction with eBike Lock, the new digital service offers even more comprehensive supplementary protection against theft. Once set up, eBike Alarm is automatically activated as soon as you turn off your eBike. In the event of attempted theft, eBike Alarm initially reacts with acoustic signals and illuminated LEDs. If your eBike is moved significantly, you will receive a message on your smartphone, the tracking function starts and you can track the position of your eBike in the eBike Flow app*. To use eBike Alarm, the ConnectModule must be installed in your eBike.

eBike Lock 

Protect your eBike with the additional, free eBike theft protection eBike Lock. The eBike Lock function only needs to be installed once via your eBike Flow app. When you switch it on, the eBike checks whether your smartphone is nearby via Bluetooth. Only then does it enable the motor support. When your eBike is secured by the automatic theft protection system, this is indicated by sounds from the drive unit and symbols on the LED Remote, the display or your smartphone. eBike Lock makes the eBike unattractive for theft and resale.


Select the route profile that suits your riding situation – such as daily rides, leisure rides or eMTB trails - to get perfectly matched route suggestions. The navigation, with a map display specially adapted to the route profiles, makes it easier for you to find your way: In the city, for example, through buildings in 3D view. Detailed route information informs you about features such as elevation and route characteristics, additional notes on the map mark important points such as bicycle retailers or charging stations. While riding, you control the navigation via LED Remote while your smartphone is held securely on the handlebar by the SmartphoneGrip. Thanks to the ergonomic design of the LED Remote, both your hands always remain on the handlebar. 

Individual riding modes

Adapt the Race, Cargo, Turbo, Auto, eMTB, Sport, Tour+, Tour and Eco riding modes individually to your needs. To get more support for a more demanding training session, for example, or to increase the battery life by reducing the torque. The strength of the support, the dynamics, the amount of torque and the maximum speed can be easily set via sliders in the eBike Flow app.

Activity tracking

Track your ride and fitness data as soon as you get started. If desired, the Activity Tracking for iPhone users can also sync all data automatically with Apple Health. When you take a break, the recording stops automatically.

Home screen

Use the Home screen to gain a quick overview of everything that's important. Whether battery status, remaining range, distance travelled or the next service appointment, the Home screen clearly shows you everything you need to know with constantly updated eBike data.

Other functions

Apple Health 

Connect your eBike Flow app with other applications. You can, for example, share ride data from your recorded activities with Apple Health. Linking them provides you with additional information about your fitness and the eBike experience.

eBike settings

Adjust the most important settings for your pedelec: Here you will find information on all the components connected to your eBike and can view the serial numbers of the motor or battery, for example. In addition, you can adjust in the settings for how long the pedelec must be idle before activity tracking is automatically finalised, or you can reset the data for calculating the range.

Help Centre

Find answers to all your questions around the eBike equipped with the smart system in the Help centre of the eBike Flow app, where you can access clearly structured explanations of the app, the individual components and their connection. You can also contact Support directly via the app.

Data Protection

Protecting your privacy is important to us. That's why we treat your data confidentially and use it only in accordance with the legal requirements. We explain which information we process in an easy-to-understand way on our Data protection overview page.

Komoot & Strava integrated

Share your eBike rides with the community: As a user of the smart system, you can link the eBike Flow app with the komoot and Strava apps. Once you have registered and given your consent, your riding data such as cadence and power are transferred to the apps. This way, you enrich your sports and health analyses with your eBike activity data and obtain a more comprehensive picture of your progress. 

The smart system 

eBike Flow app

The COBI.Bike app transforms your smartphone into an on-board computer

Your smartphone is your on-board computer, attached securely on the handlebar

The COBI.Bike app transforms your smartphone into an on-board computer and digitally enhances your eBike experience. This means access to all your favourite apps while on the move for an unrivalled eBiking experience. 

Riding with your favourite apps

Your smartphone becomes a display for your eBike and connects it to your favourite apps: The COBI.Bike app and gives you access to navigation, music, phone calls and more. In addition, you can track your fitness using the Apple and Google health apps. So, you'll make better progress in a way that's beneficial and effective.

The smart tour guide

The smart tour guide

The reliably guides you to your desired destination and even knows what the weather will be like on your ride: You can always rely on the smart tour guide.

Your community is part of the journey

Your community is part of the journey

You can stay connected with the digital world and with your best friends even when you're on the move. It can be synchronised with many apps — for example, if you want to share your rides online.

Easy and more effective training

Easy and more effective training

The COBI.Bike detects your fitness data, such as heart rate which you can evaluate using apps such as Apple Health or Google Fit to ensure effective and healthy training.

The eBike Connect app for Kiox and Nyon

A connected on-board computer

The eBike Connect App links your smartphone to Nyon or Kiox, and you can plan your next ride in the comfort of your own home via the Connect portal. The routes can then be easily transferred to the on-board computer to let them guide you to your destination. Use the app to evaluate routes that you have already ridden. This is connectivity that pushes you further.

Route planning with the apps of your choice

Because the eBike Connect app works with your favourite apps such as Strava, Outdooractive and komoot, you can easily plan your rides and share your activities with friends. Access the training routes of your friends within seconds via the on-board computer — and see how you measure up against them.

Lock function: Digital theft protection:

The premium Lock function gives your eBike added protection against theft. Once set up using the eBike Connect app, it will automatically deactivate motor support if the on-board computer is removed.

On-board computer for the eBike Connect app


Compact and smart: In combination with the eBike Connect app, Kiox makes navigation extremely easy and also records your rides. The robust on-board computer is your steady companion on every ride.

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Large touch display and intuitive handling: Nyon is a smart guide and personal coach in one. This means you're always well equipped for your connected eBiking experience.

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The Connected Biking experience

The Connected Biking experience

Navigate with confidence, plan your next ride or train effectively: eBike Connect opens up new dimensions in eBiking — connected to your world at all times.

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Take a left at the next junction

Take a left at the next junction

Get from A to B quickly or make new spontaneous discoveries: Your on-board computer guides you safely through the urban jungle or shows you undiscovered parts of the countryside.

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Your personal coach

Your personal coach

With eBike Connect, your eBike becomes a personal trainer: You always have your activities in view, can synchronise them with Apple Health or Google Fit, and make your training even more varied and effective.

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eBike Connect App and Portal - all features at a glance

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Awards and test wins

For more than 10 years, Bosch eBike Systems has been delivering innovative eBike drive systems that offer the best performance and quality. Numerous awards and test wins confirm this and allow us to pursue our daily work with pride. 

CES 2022 Innovation Awards honoree
Design & Innovation Award
ISPO Brandnew
Bluetooth Breakthrough Award

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