Updates available for Kiox, app and portal

The new premium function Lock provides enhanced security and offers additional protection for your eBike. Thanks to Lock, motor support is deactivated when you remove your Kiox onboard computer. The motor support function won't work until the same onboard computer is re-inserted. The display and two signal tones let you know when Lock is active. You can acquire the Lock function for €9.99 as an in-app purchase in the eBike Connect App.

Another new Kiox feature is that Bosch eBike ABS now appears in the display. This way, the additional hardware needed when combining ABS and Kiox – the separate ABS indicator light – is no longer needed.

With this update, we're also introducing nine new languages for our portal and app – so eBike Connect is now available 24 languages!

All updates at a glance


  • Lock for Kiox: You can now purchase the new premium feature 'Lock' in the eBike Connect app shop. Please make sure your Kiox has the latest version installed. The feature is available for Kiox only.
  • New languages: Our app has been translated into the languages Bulgarian, Croatian, Romanian, Greek, Estonian, Finnish, Hungarian, Lithuanian and Slovenian.
  • General improvements in user experience. 



  • Other languages: Our online portal ebike-connect.com has been translated into Bulgarian, Croatian, Romanian, Greek, Estonian, Finnish, Hungarian, Lithuanian and Slovenian.
  • Lock: If a user attempts to delete a Kiox display with active Lock feature, a warning message appears in the portal. 
  • FAQ: We have expanded our choice of topics in the “eBike Connect“ portal to include questions and answers about Lock.
  • Privacy policy and service description: We updated our privacy policy and service description with effect from July 2019.



  • ABS: The ABS status indicator has been integrated into Kiox. If ABS and Kiox are combined, additional hardware (such as the 'control light') is not required.
  • eSuspension: The fully integrated electronically controllable suspension can be easily controlled via the Kiox on-board computer. The eSuspension modes can be selected directly in Kiox.
  • Lock: The new premium 'Lock' function offers additional protection against theft. Once set up in the eBike Connect Smartphone app, Lock ensures that motor support is only provided in conjunction with the activated Kiox.