Bosch eBike Systems promotes tourism projects:

Mobility plays a key role when on vacation. 5.2 million Germans go on bicycle discovery tours during their vacations. This is shown by the ADFC cycling analysis 2017.  eBikes are becoming more and more popular when it comes to choosing a two-wheeler: in 2016, 13 per cent of touring bikes in Germany were electrically assisted. The reasons: longer excursions are made possible, slopes can be negotiated more easily and electrical support can help compensate for a drop in the cyclist's energy levels. Electric bikes guarantee a comfortable and relaxed ride and lots of fun. If you are travelling by eBike, you will need the right infrastructure: This includes service or maintenance facilities, charging and rental stations, eBike routes and guides. Bosch eBike Systems supports pilot projects in selected holiday regions.

Out and about with Travelbike

in Germany and Austria

Thanks to an extensive network, some 3,500 pedelecs equipped with the Bosch drive system have been available at designated ZEG rental station throughout Germany and Austria since spring 2016.

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Reaching new heights

Touring South Tyrol by eBike

The bike hotels certified by Bosch eBike Systems offer special services to their sports-minded guests: Charging station, guided tours, touring maps and a breakdown service with Bosch-trained experts.

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Idyllic eBike tours

through the Swabian Alps

With some help from Bosch eBike systems, the town of Münsingen has been running a mobility centre that rents out eBikes for tours through the UNESCO biosphere reserve since summer 2016.

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Mountain biking

in the Dolomites

Val Gardena is a highly desirable tourist destination that enables all eBike tourists - whether beginners or experts - explore the beautiful dolomite landscape in a relaxed and enjoyable way; with the help of Bosch eBike Systems.

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Drive unit – For sporty cycling pleasure

The finely balanced, high-performance system with Cruise drive unit performance (up to 25 km/h) or Speed drive unit performance (45 km/h) offers the right support in every situation.

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PowerPacks – Feather-light powerhouses

Bosch PowerPacks with 500, 400 and 300 watt hours provide you with all the power you need when on a tour. Available as a frame or rack battery, they are very easy to handle and extremely lightweight, as well as a striking example of modern design.

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Intuvia – the smart control centre

The intuitively operated on-board computer provides control and overview in all light conditions. The shift recommendation feature makes sure you always pedal in the right gear: this preserves the battery and increases your range.

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