Honouring for safety on the road

Bosch eBike ABS wins DEKRA Award

Honouring for safety on the road

Bosch eBike ABS wins DEKRA Award

Safety is a decisive factor for eBike riders and their environment. The anti-lock braking system developed by Bosch eBike Systems for pedelecs can play a significant role in avoiding eBike accidents. The Bosch eBike ABS has been available to buy equipped on various eBike models since the end of 2018 and has now received the prestigious DEKRA Award.


"Through its development efforts, the winner in the 'Safety on the Road' category offers greater long-term, sustainable safety for pedelec riders at a time when safety on two-wheeled vehicles is gaining more and more importance,"

said the DEKRA jury, explaining its decision.


An important factor in avoiding accidents

More and more people are switching to pedelecs. In Germany alone, around 4.5 million people use bicycles with electric support. However, the increasing number of users and the significantly higher number of kilometres they cover means that the risk of accidents has also increased. "We see this award as further confirmation that our innovation is making an important contribution to accident prevention on the roads. In future, ABS will play a decisive role in increasing safety for eBikers, thereby also further promoting this form of mobility," explains Claus Fleischer, Managing Director of Bosch eBike Systems. A study by the Bosch accident research team confirms the product's potential: If all pedelecs were equipped with ABS and riders reacted accordingly, up to 29 percent of pedelec accidents could be avoided each year.

More efficient braking with the eBike ABS

The world's first standard anti-lock braking system for pedelecs enables controlled, stable braking in critical riding situations. It combines front wheel ABS with rear wheel lift control. In difficult braking manoeuvres it regulates the brake pressure and thus optimises riding stability and control of the eBike. It reduces the likelihood of the front wheel locking and skidding or the rear wheel lifting from the ground. This reduces the risk of the rider being thrown over the handlebars, giving eBikers more safety on the road.

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About the DEKRA Award

DEKRA is a globally active expert organisation and, together with WirtschaftsWoche magazine, makes this award to outstanding concepts, initiatives or processes designed to promote safety. In a two-stage process a panel of experts selects the winners in four categories: "Safety on the Road", "Safety at Work", "Safety at Home" and "Start-ups". The DEKRA Award 2019 was presented on 23 October in Berlin.

Stefan Kölbl, Chairman of the Board of Management of DEKRA e.V. and DEKRA SE (right), hands over the DEKRA Award to Bosch eBike Systems.
Image source: DEKRA e.V.