Rad am Ring 2016 – eBikes on the Nürburgring

Bosch presents new eMTB discipline

Last year’s response was enormous; over 10,000 cyclists took part in the Rad am Ring festival. From 29 to 31 July 2016, more than 25,000 fans are expected to attend as competitors and spectators on the Nürburgring. In addition to free pedelec test rides on the legendary North Loop and the popular 24-hour eBike race, this year Bosch is presenting a further discipline. In the eBike Enduro Race epowered by Bosch, mountain bikers can demonstrate their prowess in a specially designed off-road park.

24-hour eBike race: Team spirit, technology, tactics

Opened in 1927 as a race and test track, the Nürburgring provides exactly what a successful eBike race needs. On a track with gradients of up to 27 per cent eBikers really need to pump the pedals. A lap around the Grand Prix track and the North Loop is 25 kilometres long, with 80 bends, a cumulative elevation gain of around 540 metres, and top speeds of nearly 100 km/h (62.5 mph) on downhill sections. Physically, competitors are taken to the limit. So are the technology and the material. And the four-man teams need to keep a cool head. “We aim to offer people both in everyday life and in sport new and sustainable mobility solutions that both deliver a clear added value and are fun. They include eBike races like the 24-hour race on the Nürburgring. They make exacting demands on contestants’ muscle power, endurance and tactics. The growing demand for competitions and events of this kind underscores the eBike’s unique development in recent years,” says Claus Fleischer, head of the Bosch eBike Systems product division

By eMountain bike in the lava stone quarry

This year sees the premiere of the eBike Enduro Race epowered by Bosch. In this race in the off-road park it will soon be clear who has the best cycling technique and puts the electric power assistance to the best and most skilful use. The exclusive competition format includes ten special stages across exacting terrain. In five stages a former lava stone quarry provides numerous uphill and downhill racing opportunities over an area of 80,000 square metres. This extensive course features challenging artificial chicanes on varied substrates. Professionals can wear themselves out here, yet the course is deliberately designed to be manageable for “leisure bikers” too. It may be a trial of sporting prowess and physical strength but it is also and above all fun, offering everyone an opportunity to experience the unique feeling of handling an eBike.