Riding an eBike up the highest volcano on earth

On 13 January, four men set off on their eMountain bikes – epowered by Bosch - on a special expedition through Chile. The aim was to enjoy the view from the world's highest volcano: the Ojos del Salado. Powerful and reliable support was provided by the Bosch Performance Line CX drive unit.

An expedition through Chile with Bosch eBike Systems

A 400 kilometre journey inland from the Pacific on paved roads, gravel paths and steep mountain trails: four men set off on their eMountain bikes on January 13th on a special expedition through Chile. Their aim was to enjoy the view from the world's highest volcano, the Ojos del Salados, at 6,893 metres on 24 January. The four athletes relied on unrivalled support to make this dream come true; their bikes were fitted with the Performance Line CX from Bosch. The eBike drive system is one of the most dynamic on the market. A new development from Bosch ensured enough power would be available: DualBattery, a combination of two PowerPacks.

Sport and diabetes don't have to be mutually exclusive

"My aim is to move people - not just literally on the bike, but also emotionally," says Mike Fuchs, who masterminded the Chile expedition, explaining his motivation. He started out with a hand-picked team: master craftsman and diabetic Pitt Schmidt, doctor and sports diabetes expert Jörg von Hübbenet and sports scientist Sebastian Gerl. Fuchs had already placed the topic of "diabetes and sports" on the agenda last year. Together with 12 diabetics he rode 1,001 kilometres through Germany by eBike. Further information about the tour can be found at tour-de-diabetes.de. His message: sport and diabetes don't have to be mutually exclusive. Quite the contrary. With the right preparation and appropriate accompanying measures, cycling can have a positive effect on health and well-being.

High-end equipment for ambitious goals

To avoid over-exertion and to compensate for different levels of fitness, Fuchs has also relied on the electric tailwind for the Chile expedition. Although pure muscle power might still suffice for first few stages, by the time the men reached the foot of the volcano, the powerful Performance Line CX would prove invaluable in helping the men to reach the summit. The batteries used by the team were a newly developed concept, the DualBattery from Bosch. Depending on the battery capacity, up to 1,000 Watt hours can be generated for long journeys, steep inclines and heavy loads.

The expedition involves many challenges: deep ravines and gravel paths as well as hot and cold temperatures all demand a great deal from both rider and equipment. For example, the journey to the volcano peak takes in desert, sections of the Dakar rally route, bumpy tracks and mountain passes at attitudes of 4,500 metres. Ojos del Salado is also the second highest mountain in South America. The high-end eMountain bikes from Riese & Müller, paired with the powerful Performance Line CX, are ideally suited to these challenges. With their direct response, impressive torque and maximum support of up to 300%, the Performance Line CX is particularly convincing on challenging terrain. It also has a non-scratch surface and is weather-resistant - making it the perfect choice for off-road use.

Man and machine – it all comes down to preparation

To ensure the smooth interaction between man and machine, the team undertook extensive preparation for the expedition. The plan was that test rides in the Black Forest and early arrival in Chile in early January would help the team to become familiar with their equipment and allow sufficient time for acclimatisation. Extreme heat during the day, cold at the night, desert climate, mountain air, lack of water. These special conditions require particularly intensive preparation. "It's all about the symbiosis of man and machine: research and progress in mobility make the almost impossible possible," said Fuchs eagerly.

(Pictures: Mike Fuchs)

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