Nyon update

Improved route planning and display of additional activity info in the portal

The update for the online eBike-Connect portal includes an improved route planner. The map function of the route planner is one of the features which has been optimised. You can change the course of the proposed route by dragging the currently selected route line in order to adapt it precisely to your wishes. Actions you make while planning your ride can be undone or redone immediately using a new button.

On the newly designed dashboard, you will now find a summary and a selection of your current riding data. In an info box, you will find information on the kilometres you have travelled, your calorie consumption, your average speed and the altitude reached, always in comparison with the previous month's values. 

All updates at a glance

  • Planning on the map: select and delete starting points, destinations and stopovers directly on the map.
  • Dragging stopovers: up to eight numbered stopovers can be added to the currently active route by dragging the route line directly on the map.
  • Undo/redo a planning action: the last ten actions can be undone or redone using a new button on the map.
  • Extended dashboard: An info box shows a summary of the current data.
  • Day's activity view: display at the start and end of the individual rides as a day summary.
  • Performance graph: display of your performance as a graph in the activity view.

Further enhancements    

  • GPX import/export: increased error tolerance limits during GPX import and bug fixing during the export of routes.
  • Optimisation for Microsoft Edge browser.

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