Germany from end to end: The Tour de Diabetes

Healthier cycling with Bosch eBike Systems

Taking 12 diabetics 1,001 kilometres across Germany from north to south, the first of nine stages of the Tour de Diabetes begins on 15 August from Timmendorfer Strand on the Baltic coast. Competitors, ranging in age from 28 to 72, will be doing exactly what any doctor would advise. Physical activity reduces the blood glucose level and improves cellular insulin sensitivity. To avoid overexertion the Tour organisers opted for power assistance, and Bosch eBike Systems is backing the Tour de Diabetes with drive systems and Nyon on-board computers. Abbott Diabetes Care Germany flash glucose monitoring systems also ensure reliable monitoring of competitors’ blood glucose levels.

A good ride

Sport and diabetes are by no means mutually exclusive; quite the opposite. With suitable preparation and the right supporting measures cycling can have a positive effect on health and well-being. On the Tour de Diabetes a doctor and a diabetes consultant are monitoring the competitors’ health while electric power assistance offsets differences in performance level and helps the eBikers to get through any lean periods. The group will head from the Baltic via Lower Saxony and Thuringia to Bavaria, cycling an average 120 kilometres a day.

Cycling as a day-to-day therapy

More than six million people live with diabetes in Germany, according to the German Diabetes 2016 Health Report, and 90 per cent of them have Type 2 diabetes, a form of insulin resistance. Familial predisposition, too little movement and obesity are among the most frequent causes of the complaint. A change of diet and a sufficient amount of physical activity can complement or even take the place of medication. People with Type 1 diabetes, in contrast, produce no insulin of their own due to an autoimmune disease and depend on medical treatment. Sporting activity has a positive effect on the fitness and health of patients with both types of diabetes. Cycling is one way to integrate physical activity into everyday life and eBikes are especially suitable for careful training because of the regular, adjustable assistance they provide.

Organised by feen kongress & event GmbH, the Tour de Diabetes is being followed by two bloggers and the photographer Mike Fuchs, who initiated the event. For daily updates and further information about the Tour, visit or

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