eMountain biking in the snow – A different way to get to work.

Anyone who travels in the mountains in winter must be able to handle snow and freezing temperatures. Nonetheless, mountain rescue worker Sylvain likes to ride his eMountain bike to work in the ski area of the Portes du Soleil - and he has lots of fun doing so.

The eMountain bike is the perfect travelling companion on wintry roads

Sylvain is a mountain rescue worker in the Portes du Soleil ski region and uses his eMTB to get to work, but also as a way of really enjoying the snowy landscape. This offers him a quality of life and daily enjoyment in the midst of the mountains that he would not swap for anything in the world.

Sylvain has loved sport and the mountains for as long as he can remember. He discovered the joys of mountain biking in his youth in the early 1990s. Looking to turn this passion into his work, he came to the Portes du Soleil region in 2001 to work as part of the bike park development team in Châtel. Here he spent 10 years working in the bike patrol and as a guide and instructor for mountain bikers. At the same time he was just as enthusiastic about skiing and life in the mountains, so it was a natural progression for him to study a mountain rescue diploma. This has been his work for over 15 years now.

"I arrive fresh at work even if I have been travelling at high speeds, and have a great deal of enjoyment on the ride home with a really fun bike."


A day with Sylvain

Although the wintry conditions would put many people off, Sylvain happily makes his way to work on his eMTB. He lives in Châtel and works with the mountain rescue service in the Portes du Soleil area. Today he is on duty in the safety centre in Morgins.

The trip through Châtel

He gets up while it is still dark outside. He first prepares breakfast for himself, then for the rest of the family, before getting ready for the cold conditions. The sun is just rising and Sylvain rides down into the village in the direction of Morgins. His route takes him through snowy streets and then through the middle of the village. He passes a few residents and holidaymakers already on the way to the bakery or café, while the first winter sports enthusiasts are already suited and booted for the day ahead.

Meeting with Benoit

Sylvain rides out of the village and reaches the Lac de Vonnes, where he meets up with Benoît so they can cover some of the journey together. The sun is already out up here and it's going to be a lovely day. Benoît is also dressed warmly and the pair set off for Morgins. Time is moving on, so Sylvain switches to "Sport" support level.

The journey to Morgins with Benoît

Sylvain and Benoît take the most direct route, which is also the fastest and steepest, but no matter: the Bosch eBike system provides the power needed to get the two friends to their destination with an electric tailwind. At the Pas de Morgins they begin their descent, riding along the lake shore and down into the village. Benoît continues on and Sylvain makes his way to the ski lifts to pick up the equipment he will need for his working day.

A working day on the slopes

Having safely stowed the eBike in a warm, dry spot, Sylvain puts on his work clothes, boots and skis. A short radio call to make contact with his colleagues, and off he goes on his first safety backup job high up at the lift station. The first skiers start to arrive. The mood is good in anticipation of a wonderful day against the backdrop of the breath-taking panorama of the Dents du Midi.

Performance Line CX gives you more.

The working day is done and Sylvain returns to the locker room. He packs away his ski equipment and radio and makes his way back to Châtel, enjoying some really good flow moments. He switches to Turbo mode and begins the climb to Morgins in the evening sunlight. The Performance CX drive unit helps him keep up a sporty pace with just the right level of support. The landscapes are wonderful and the drive home to Châtel is a unique pleasure.

Homeward bound through the woods

Once he reaches home after a busy day, Sylvain prepares his eBike and everything else for the next day before settling down to spend the rest of the day with his family. His quality of life is particularly important to him and he has managed to extend to the rest of the year by working as a guide for mountain bikers.

Bosch eBike Systems, a partner of Portes du Soleil

A partnership that will enable the eMountain bike offering on both the French as well as the Swiss side of the Portes du Soleil area to develop positively. There are plans for charging stations, Uphill Flow trails for eMountain bikes, special routes for families, specific signage, an eMTB guide with all the information and the first ever "ePassPortes" event epowered by Bosch!

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