The benefits of commuting with the ebike

Stress-free and convenient

People who travel to work by eBike in urban areas waste no time in mile-long traffic jams. With a pedelec, these holdups can be bypassed conveniently. And on steep inclines, there is no need to exert oneself unduly – thanks to the support provided by the electric motor. The eBiker can cope with distances up to 25 kilometres almost effortlessly. Commuting by eBike means relaxed, comfortable travel – reaching one's destination feeling clean and fresh.

Fast and flexible

Time is precious. And by using a pedelec in a town or city, the biker is gaining time, enhancing his or her quality of life. Over distances of up to five kilometres, a pedelec is frequently the fastest means of transportation in urban traffic. But even over distances up to ten kilometres the eBike easily keeps up with the car. Intelligent route planning enables the biker to reach his or her destination quickly and conveniently; for example, they can select routes with few traffic lights and holdups. Navigation is facilitated by the on-board computer Nyon: with the all-in-one computer, routes can easily be plotted in advance on the PC or laptop.

Fit and healthy

On average, every adult spends 11.5 hours in a sitting position each day. Office workers, in particular, often take too little exercise. Commuting by eBike is a practical means of remedying this situation. And since the electric drive can be regulated via the different support levels, cyclists can decide themselves how forcefully they want to pedal. Pedelecs are ideally suited for health-conscious people eager to train their fitness and stamina.

Good for the environment

Every commuter who opts for the eBike in preference to his or her car is not only avoiding the worst of city traffic but also doing the environment a favour: the pollution levels of an eBike are merely 1.25 percent those of a private car. Based on an average petrol consumption of eight litres per 100 kilometres for all the commuting cars in Germany, this results in a daily consumption of almost 70 million litres of fuel, which in turn produces roughly 156,000 tons of CO2. The pedelec offers huge potential for savings.

Apart from that, the eBiker moves along almost silently and causes little or no noise pollution. This is crucial in city traffic: with a sound pressure level of 65-75 decibels or more, the noise pollution increases susceptibility to stress. In heavy urban traffic the average noise level is around 80 decibels. Thus, the eBike helps to quieten down the inner city areas.

Easy on the purse-strings

Riding a pedelec saves money. Over a distance of 100 kilometres, the energy costs for a standard petrol-fuelled car amount to roughly €12. The equivalent cost for a pedelec over the same distance is €0.25. The eBike wins out easily as far as purchase cost is concerned: in Germany the average eBike costs €3,287, whereas the average price for a new car is currently €31,400. And for a conventional pedelec there are no insurance costs, no vehicle tax and no MOT charges: all of which makes the eBike a very special means of transport indeed.

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