The world's first Uphill Flow Trail

In order to provide the Uphill Flow experience on a trail for beginners and professionals, Bosch eBike Systems cooperates with trail design guru Diddie Schneider at the world‘s first Uphill Flow Trail in the TB Zone at Bikepark Geisskopf.

New eMTB mode for Bosch Performance Line CX

The eMTB mode replaces the former eMountainbikes sport modeand varies between travel mode tour and turbo. With a maximum torque up to 75 Nm strenghtens the engine the driver's personal contribution between 120 % und 300 %.

Uphill Flow: new Dimensions for eMountain Biking

Pure riding enjoyment, whether uphill or downhill - that's eMountain biking on a new level. Gary Fisher, Greta Weithaler, André Wagenknecht, René Wildhaber, Stefan Schlie und Nicolas Vouilloz about Uphill Flow.

Interview with André Wagenknecht

André Wagenknecht talks about how the eMountain bike motivated him during his rehabilitation period, rediscovering his homeland and coordinating his training using the eMountain bike.

eMTB Media Support at the Enduro World Series 3 in Ireland (part 1)

Round three of the Enduro World Series (13.-15. May 2016 in the Carrick Mountains, Ireland): Apart from the race, the members of the Cube Action Team tested eBikes – epowered by Bosch and got quite dirty doing this.

Interview with Greta Weithaler

Greta Weithaler's enthusiasm for eMountainbiking is contagious. She is all about communicating the pleasure and igniting the spark. This is an inspiring, shared experience of being in nature.

A day in the life of a ski patrol – Les Portes du Soleil

Sylvain is a member of the ski patrol team in the Portes du Soleil and he uses his eMTB to commute to work. Enjoying the snowy landscapes is a daily pleasure that he wouldn't change for anything in the world.

Bosch eBike Systems unveils 2017 innovations at Interbike

Bosch eBike Systems brought new products to the North American e-bike market for model year 2017 including Purion, PowerPack 500 and the Compact Charger.

Interview with Gary Fisher: eBike - The next big thing!

Mountain bike legend Gary Fisher on the fascination and the opportunities that the eBike enables for mountain biking, and its contribution towards the future.

Interview with Stefan Schlie

Stefan inspires and goes beyond the usual limits with his riding technique. Uphill Flow means, above all, playing outside the prescribed rules; being on the edge of the comfort zone, and challenging himself.

Interview with René Wildhaber

René has always remained an adventurer at heart. What counts for him are the small breakaways that the eMountain bike makes easier for him to have.

Interview with Nicolas Vouilloz

Nicolas has always pushed the limits. 10x world champion, then successful rally driver and now an impressive career in Enduro. For him, the eMountain bike is both a training tool and a source of fun.

Bosch Thermotechnology technicians work with eCargo bikes in Brussels

Bosch is servicing their thermotechnology customers in Brussels for Buderus, Junkers and Bosch with eCargo bikes – epowered by Bosch.

eMTB support for photojournalists at the Enduro World Series

In order to cope with the distances and altitude differences between the stages with the entire media equipment, the eMTBs for photographers and journalists provided highly appreciated support during the Enduro World Series.

The CUBE Action Team's eMTB

With the Stereo Hybrid 160, the Performance CX drive and the PowerPack 500 are integrated compactly and harmoniously in the frame – the result of close cooperation between Cube and Bosch.

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