The eBike rides I recorded with my Kiox are not displayed in the online portal or app.What could the problem be?

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In order to ensure your ride data is visible in the app and portal, make sure before recording that:

  • At least software version is installed on your Kiox.You will find the current software version of your Kiox under Settings > My eBike > Components > Kiox.To update Kiox, connect Kiox to your smartphone via Bluetooth, launch the eBike Connect app, and follow the update instructions

  • Once you have connected Kiox, the Follow your Kiox activities with your smartphone button appears in the feed.Tap this and select Always allow

  • Activate geolocation data storage.Go to More >  Settings > Data protection settings to make changes to the geolocation data.

  • Your smartphone has an Internet connection

  • A stable Bluetooth connection exists between Kiox and your smartphone

  • Your smartphone has good GPS reception

  • If the message "Route not available for these activities" appears, it means that the Kiox has not received a GPS signal at this time.Check your smartphone settings to see if the eBike Connect app is authorised to always access your location.

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