How can I connect external devices, such as a heart rate monitor, with Nyon?

Nyon (BUI350)
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In the status screen* go to  > Connections > Bluetooth. If Bluetooth is not enabled on Nyon, tap the slider.

Make sure that Bluetooth is enabled on the heart rate monitor.

An automatic search takes place for heart rate monitors within range. Select the required heart rate monitor to connect Nyon with it.

You can add the heart rate tile via  > Screens & Tiles > Screen management > + > Predefined Screen > Fitness. If you want to learn more about managing screens, watch this  video.

You can identify an active connection to the heart rate monitor in the heart rate tile on the top left by a coloured  symbol.

If you are having difficulties, you can find troubleshooting tips Help Center here.

* The status screen is marked with a square.

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Any questions?
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