eBike Flow app


Find out more about compatible phones, eBikes and apps

Account, registration & data privacy

How to sign up and manage your account


Find out more about Bluetooth and other connection issues


Infos about Flow app and eBike related configuration options

Software update

How to update your eBike over-the-air

Service & Digital service book

Insights into the service history of your eBike

Connected services

Connect your third-party accounts like Komoot to the app


Learn how to plan routes and use navigation

Ride screen

Use your smartphone as a display while riding

Activity tracking

Manage activities, trip history and GPS

Custom riding modes

How customised riding modes affect your cycling experience

eBike Lock

Learn more about the Lock function

eBike Alarm

This is how you protect your eBike even more effectively against theft

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Any questions?
We're happy to help.