I have problemes connecting my eBike Connect App to my Kiox or Nyon. What can I do?

eBike Connect
Nyon (BUI275)
Nyon (BUI350)
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An instruction how to connect your eBike with the eBike Connect App can be found here.

If that doesn't work check the following:

1. Check whether your eBike is compatible with the eBike Connect App  here.

Please note: eBikes with the smart system are not compatible with the eBike Conenct App. If you have a smart system eBike (e.g. when you have a Kiox 300 display) please download the eBike Flow App. You can find an instruction how to connect with the Flow App here.

2. Make sure to have your bordcomputer and smartphone nearby and both devices are switched on.

3. Always check if internet and Bluetooth on your phone is enabled. For Android smartphones, please also enable location services.

4. Always make sure the app is running in the background and you didn't close it.

5. Check the state-of-charge of your smartphone. If necessary charge your smartphone. For Android please also check the battery saving mode settings on your smartphone. If this setting is enabled, Bluetooth will be turned off.

6. Can it be, that another smartphone is connected to the bordcomputer?
You can check this on your bordcomputer in  Settings > Bluetooth. If another smartphone is connected you have to pair Smartphone and bordcomputer again (see here).

7. Switch the Smartphone and the bordcomputer off and on again.

8. Remove the bordcomputer from the bluetooth list of the smartphone and smartphone from Bluetooth list of the bordcomputer.

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