In order to use navigation with Kiox, Bluetooth must be enabled and Kiox must be connected to your smartphone.

The quality of the Bluetooth connection depends on the smartphone and the distance between the devices. Kiox and your smartphone should be as close as possible while riding. Also ensure that your smartphone is at a location with good GPS reception.

In addition, check that you have the right software and have enabled location sharing.

Software requirements

To use the navigation function, the following software versions are required, as a minimum

  • Kiox:
  • eBike Connect Android: 8.0.0
  • eBike Connect iOS: 12.0.0

We recommend that you always use the latest software version.

Location sharing

Navigation with Kiox works best if you allow eBike Connect to also use your location when the app is in background mode:

  • Use the following setting for iOS: in Location, set the permission to Always. If you only want to use the navigation function, it is enough if you set the permission for location sharing to When using the app.
  • Use the following settings for Android: if you have enabled geolocation, you should set permission for location sharing to Always allow.

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Any questions?
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