The challenge


The challenge


More fun on the South Tyrolean single trails

On the go with trial professional Stefan Schlie on the challenging trails of the Dolomites: With the riding technique training at Bike Hotel Steineggerhof, the experienced professional takes participants up to the craggy peaks of Trentino. Riders not only have a fantastic day in the Alps but also experience eMountain Biking as a fascinating sport and a challenge to broaden their horizons on the mountain.

9:45 AM

Before it starts, trial professional Stefan Schlie records the following: “Our fabulous host Kurt Resch provides us with a hearty breakfast. In front of his bike hotel, the Steineggerhof, we take our first practice laps. What support level is the right one on which surfaces and inclines? How does the drive react? What do I need to give and how much power does the eBike bring to the trail?”

10:25 AM

“Off to the trail! The Uphill Flow of an eMTB fascinates the participants each time anew. We conquer the mountain dynamically while having a great time. The precise fine tuning of motor support, muscle use, and handling of the eBike is the first important lesson.”

12:55 PM

“Taking a break with a spectacular backdrop. First interim conclusion: eMountain Biking expands our trail and route options and is a real challenge. The steep sections are tricky, even for experienced bikers. The reward: the spectacular view and the feeling of freedom that you only get up here.”

1:30 PM

“A little deeper into the details. The finer points of skills and tricks to employ in special situations. How do I get the eBike over an obstacle? How do I use the drive to come out of the curve optimally? The exercises require strength, skill, and a great deal of concentration from the riders.”

3:25 PM

“For a good time together in the mountains, the strongest participant should show the most consideration for the others. Those who are tolerant and fair and comply with the etiquette demonstrate real class. And friendly encounters with people and nature are just more fun, right?”

5:55 PM

“Sweaty, happy faces. The downhill feeling and the magnificent atmosphere of the Dolomites continue to have an effect as we reach the Steineggerhof again. An incredibly intense day with grandiose alpine impressions and sporting challenges. It was great to have Kurt receive us with a refreshment.”

7:15 PM

“Sundown; the first day is coming to an end. The experiences have brought the group closer together. I make suggestions for the next day, and the participants express their wishes. Go even higher? Or perhaps a really long day tour? "