An electrifying adventure

Maximilian Semsch is a real eBike adventurer. The filmmaker and photographer rode 16,000 kilometers around Australia. Now he is out to discover his homeland of Germany in five months.

An electrifying adventure

Maximilian Semsch is a real eBike adventurer. The filmmaker and photographer rode 16,000 kilometers around Australia. Now he is out to discover his homeland of Germany in five months.

Traveling through each of the Federal States

“Adventure Germany: Rediscovering my homeland” he calls his new tour. Vbetween May and September, Semsch will bike across all 16 federal states.Why? Because he thinks that “the greatest adventures unfold just off your own doorstep. Because you discover new things. After all, Germany has got everything from the mountanis to seashore. “

16.000 km across Australia:

What a Trip!

Born in Munich, he is a documentary film maker who likes unusual assignments. In 2012 he did a 16,000 kilometer tour of Australia on a bike equipped with Bosch e-drive. “Without the least problem” he says today, “and back then, , the technology wasn’t what it is today.” Only 50 instead of today’s 75 newton meters of torque and batteries of 300 instead of 500 watt hours. Says Semsch: “Back then it was a real test. Nobody had ever covered such a distance before. All of it in plenty of wind, heat and plenty more loneliness.” He still tours across Germany with his award winning documentary “What a trip” .

Adventure Germany

In the first three weeks alone, Semsch covered 1,500 kilometers. “Most of it on routes I didn’t know. Of which, 1,400 kilometers on bike trails.” Wonder upon wonder. The world’s largest organ in Erfurt, the former border crossing Checkpoint Alpha, sunsets on the banks of the Danube: “I was camping on a sandbar with mussels, sat at my campfire and though, the beaches in Thailand are not more beautiful, just more exotic.”

Per „Turbo“ zur Wartburg

The ascent from Eisenach in Thuringia to the Wartburg castle is a tough challenge, even with electrid ride support. Up to 27% gradients. Pushing will not do. The bike loaded with 45 kilos of kit is too heavy. So, after dismounting for a moment during the ascent, Maximilian Semsch asked a companion to push him a meter or two. As soon as he is in the saddle, the adventurer rides through to the top in Turbo mode, i.e. with the maximum of 300 percent electric ride support.“Awesome!” says a broadly beaming Semsch.

Pause für Fahrer und Akkus

With his trekking bike including Bosch eBike system Performance Line CX, Semsch usually does not cover more than 80 bis 100 kilometers a day “I take time for each region. I shoot stills and video.” Typically he rides in Tour mode; there is enough time during his breaks or overnight to load both batteries.

Many enthusiastic companions

Time and again he has riding companions, including personalities like the famous ski-jumper Kens Weissflog, who rode with him for a day. Today the legendary ski-jumper operates a hotel where he makes eBikes available to his guests. But numerous other people have joined Semsch. The sign up via facebook and the internet.

Relaxing time guaranteed

Semsch is enthusiasic about how well his native Germany is suited for biking and about the hospitality of the people he meets: “My recommendation to everynoe is to eBike Germany for a week. It’s mor relaxing than seven all-inclusive days on the beach can ever be.”

Interview with Maximilian

1. Maximilian, you've already been on the road in Germany for four months with the eBike. How has the tour been so far and how has the eBike worked for you? Maximilian Semsch: If I compare my current tour of Germany with by tour of Australia in 2012, then I can say that things have gone pretty smoothly here in my own country. In Australia I sometimes had to cover as much as 300 kilometers from one service station to the next. The situation in Germany is much easier. The greatest challenge when traveling by eBike is managing the battery. The key to a relaxed tour is to balance capacity and power. The conditions in Germany are very good in this regard. I've always been able to recharge my battery when I stop for lunch or for a coffee by plugging into the power supply in the restaurant. I also was always able to access a power supply on ferries, at service stations or even in private homes. I am using two power packs, which is plenty for this tour. %MORE% 2. An increasing number of Germans are taking to bikes for their vacation. Would you recommend Germany to cycling fans? Maximilian Semsch: Absolutely! I've cycled through countries like Russia or Kazakhstan. Of course, each trip was a wonderful new experience; however, there wasn't a single kilometer of bike path. Germany has 75,000 kilometer of cycle trails. On my route, I will be using a total of 8,000 kilometers. For me, Germany is one of the more bike-friendly countries. The infrastructure is intact, signage is good and you will find accommodation and shops wherever you go. In Germany I can cycle 1,000 kilometers and reach the Alps or the sea and enjoy the Elbe Sandstone Mountains, Berlin and the Mecklenburg lake district in between. Germany has a lot to offer. What's more, the distances are relatively short, which is perfect for an exploratory tour by eBike. 3. When you take the eBike on tour, what are the points to watch for during your preparations? Maximilian Semsch: A certain amount of planning is vital. First of all I need to think about what I definitely want to see and do on my tour. I choose my route accordingly. However, it is not necessary to book all your accommodation months in advance. Even if you don't like camping, you will generally find a place for the night as and when you need one. Before you start off, consider what you need and how you can transport it on the bike. You should always carry the right tools, a repair kit and a bicycle pump so that you can carry out repairs as you go. A first aid kit with plasters and disinfectant is also vital. But my main piece of advice for your preparations is: don't plan too much. Just get out on the road and see where your journey takes you. 4. Your eBike is fitted with Nyon. How have you found the on-board computer? Maximilian Semsch: I must admit that I was skeptical at first. Until now, I have always planned my tours using printed maps and have avoided navigation systems. Now, having spent four months traveling with Nyon, I wouldn't be without my on-board computer. I haven't consulted a printed map once on my entire trip. I have mostly allowed Nyon to navigate the route and have planned the destinations using my Smartphone app. Almost all of the longer bike trails have their own web sites, where you can download GPX files for free. I uploaded the files to the Bosch eBike Connect portal, allowing me to trace the trip. 5. What has been your best experience? Maximilian Semsch: I have gathered so many different impressions during my trip and have seen and done so much that it is difficult to choose just one highlight. However, if I were really pressed for an answer I would say the western beach on the Darß peninsula on the Baltic coast: it is so untouched and wild, with not a hotel or bar to be seen for miles. My wife and I pitched our tent right by the sea and had an unusual visitor that evening. A fox came to within a few centimeters of where we were, showing the same level of trust as a dog. It was incredible to sit together with a fox on that isolated beach watching the sun go down.

Maximilians eBike

Performance Line CX

Setting the standard for eMountain biking in sporty terrain and on the mountain. The Performance Line CX facilitates sporty dynamic acceleration even on alpine terrain.

PowerPack 500

With the PowerPack 500, a modern Bosch lithium-ion battery, every outing is a pleasure thanks to its high energy density and enormous mileage.


The Nyon all-in-one on-board computer combines navigation, eBike control and riding data in a single device.