The right specialist dealer: not a matter of chance

eBikes are becoming ever more popular and the trend is ongoing. Along with the growing fan community, the offerings are becoming ever greater and more diverse. To find the right eBike for your personal needs, purchase advice is virtually indispensable. Expert Bosch adviser René Gottschalk explains how you can find the right dealer.

Trust is essential

A good bike shop must be easy to get to and, in addition to a bright and tidy showroom, it must above all offer a good selection of products. The selection should cover a variety of bicycle manufacturers and drive systems so that the buyer can try out and compare various models. The dealer's motivation and conduct also play an important role. Comprehensive expertise, attentiveness and consideration of the customer's individual requirements are important in creating trust during the purchase of an eBike. Moreover, professional dealers have a well-equipped workshop and continuously increase their knowledge, for example by regularly attending the comprehensive eBike courses that Bosch offers for specialist dealers. If, after entering the shop, you want to turn around and leave immediately, then you should do so.

Test rides

Potential customers should always be given the opportunity to try out several eBikes. Only during a test ride can all the ride characteristics of the relevant models and drive systems be determined – whether on the dealer's own test track in the yard, during a day-long check or a weekend test. Particularly the last option offers real advantages because the bike can be tested in-depth and under real conditions. This, however, is sometimes subject to a charge.

User profile

The most important question before purchasing an eBike, is how the customer intends to use the bike. Does he or she want to go on tours, commute to work, undertake short excursions at the weekend, or engage in sporty mountain biking? Once the individual requirements for the eBike have been established and a suitable bike found, the dealer must check the customer's seating position. Only if the ergonomics of the frame, handlebar and the saddle height are right and the suspension fork has been correctly adjusted, can riding enjoyment and wellbeing be ensured when cycling.

Individual advice

Good advice results in a better ride. The dealer must therefore inform the customer in detail on the options available as well as on the benefits and drawbacks of the various models and drive systems. Bosch offers three different drive units which are all suitable for different requirements and applications. Hub gear system with backpedal brake or derailleur system? The dealer should also inform the customer about appropriate care of the bike and of the battery – these are important aspects which will allow the user to enjoy the purchased eBike for a long time to come. The practical battery guide from Bosch provides all the most important information for the customer in a pocket-sized format.

And after the purchase?

Good dealers offer their customers an initial inspection during which the eBike is subjected to an extensive check after approximately four weeks or a mileage of 300 kilometres. The dealer should then determine the next service interval with the aid of the Bosch diagnostic tool. Regular inspections ensure that the customer gets the most out of his or her eBike. Ideally, the dealer should offer a convenient pick-up and return service for this purpose.

If the above-mentioned requirements are met, the customer is in excellent hands with his specialist dealer.