App doesn't connect to hub

The COBI.Bike App establishes a Bluetooth Smart wireless link between the hub and your phone. This guide is designed to help you resolve situations where you encounter connection issues.


App state

Connection Bar state

Hub State:

Hub Components

③ Status LED 

⑦ Hub button

Recovery Steps:

1. Is your Hub far away?

The phone can only connect to the hub in a limited range. Please stay close to the hub and give the App some time to connect.

2. Is the Hub LED dark?

Even when you press the hub button for two seconds? The chances are high that your hub’s internal battery is empty.

If you have an eBike, charge your bike battery (only works when it is not fully charged already) or ride around with a charged bike battery for a while after pressing the button on the e-bike battery. For normal bikes, please insert a charged battery pack.

3. Is the Hub LED flashing blue?

Please re-install the latest software on the hub. Make sure to charge the battery properly before this step.

Click on the Connection Bar and stay on this screen. Now hold the hub button for 15 seconds (the LED turns off and starts flashing blue again). When this is done follow the instructions to install a new firmware on the hub.

Even if your hub is not showing any response, the chances are high that you can revive it this way. If the update fails, give it another try after rebooting your phone.

4. Were the engine and controller settings unintentionally changed in the App?

Check the app settings, select "My bike" and check the configured engine and controller settings. This can happen after a firmware update.

5. Is your Hub connected to a different phone?

If you set up your hub with multiple phones, please disable Bluetooth on the other devices to prevent them from connecting to the hub. Only one phone can connect at a time.

6. Is there any other Hub LED feedback?

The hub is waiting for a connection. It is likely that there is an issue with your phones Bluetooth. Please try to turn Bluetooth off and on again. If this does not help, reboot your phone.

In rare cases, it can also happen that the hub fails to react to incoming connections. To restart the hub, hold the hub button for 15 seconds until the LED flashes dark-blue. Now release the button and press it again for two seconds until the LED lights up white again (if it keeps flashing blue, please proceed with step 3.).

Android in some cases: By deactivating Bluetooth when not using the COBI.Bike Hub, connection problems may occur between Android Smartphone and Hub when trying to connect to the COBI.Bike Hub again. Therefore, avoid disabling Bluetooth on Android smartphones.
If you still deactivate Bluetooth when not in use, and in some cases the connection to the hub is not established afterwards, proceed as follows to establish a connection to the hub.

1. delete the Bluetooth connection to the COBI.Bike Hub in the Android settings.
2. restart your smartphone
3. open the COBI.Bike App and accept the Bluetooth connection to COBI.Bike Hub.

Afterwards the smartphone should recognize the COBI Bike Hub and allow its use. 

7. Still doesn't work?

Please do a factory reset of the hub in the App settings (no worries, no settings are lost). Select »My Bike« and press »Reset COBI.Bike Hub«. Afterwards, »forget« all COBI.Bike Hubs in the iOS / Android Bluetooth settings, turn Bluetooth off and on again and reconnect to the hub via the COBI.Bike App.

As a last resort, please issue a support request. Our support will be happy to assist you.