System Status Feedback
(LED and Sound

Important Notice: The rhythm and pause timing of the systems central status LED is important – not the LED color itself. 
If the COBI.Bike hub is not connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth the LED color will remain neutral (white). If it is connected and in reach to the hub the color of the central hub status LED is defined by the app interface color of your choice (blue, red, green etc).
In rare cases like recovery states or this might be overruled by system state color, eg. in recovery mode when updating the systems firmware.

The hub communicates the status of the system via the integrated status LED light and different sound feedbacks. Below the following table, you will find videos which visualize the respective statuses of the system.


Status LED and Sound


"Ridable" (ready to ride)

LED “breathes” white

Front light turns on and off once

"Riding" (ride started)

LED is shining in user-theme color

Sound played 1x

Front light and rear light turn on

Turn signal

Sounds played multiple times in sync with rear light turn signal

Rear light flashes 5x into turn direction

+ flashing thumb controller LED

+ overlaying turn animation in the app

"Sleeping" (standby)

LED switches from white or solid user-theme color to off

Sound played 1x

Front light, rear light and thumb controller LED turn off

Theft alarm activated

LED is flashing white 2x

Sound played 2x

Front light is fast flashing 2x

Lock sign on status bar at home screen turns to user-theme color

Theft alarm triggered

LED is flashing red

Jarring sounds which intensify in steps

Front light is flashing 2x

Low battery

LED flashes slowly in user-theme color

Sound played 2x

Recovery mode

LED is “breathing” dark blue

Necessary for firmware updates

eBike support level change

LED is fast flashing in user-theme color and sound plays as often as number of set support levels

Thumb controller LED is flashing as often as number of set support levels

Note: You only receive this feedback if your smartphone is not connected to the hub

Power source missing (not ridable)LED is flashing whiteEither Battery Pack or eBike battery is missing

Not ridable (something is wrong)

LED is flashing white

Pre-ride system check failed

"Ridable" (Ready to Ride)

"Riding" (Ride Started)

Turn Signal

"Sleeping" (Standby)

Theft Alarm Activated

Theft Alarm Triggered

Low Battery

Recovery Mode

eBike Support Level Change

Power Source Missing (Not Ridable)

Not Ridable (Something Is Wrong)