Uphill Flow


eMountain biking enables you to go beyond your limits, take up new challenges and experience a new kind of biking. We've spoken to fans about this new way of biking - the Uphill Flow Enthusiasts.

Gary Fisher from the chest up in a blue suit wearing sunglasses and a fedora

Mountain Bike Legend

Gary Fisher 

Mountain bike legend Gary Fisher on the fascination of eMountain biking, the opportunities that the eMountain bike enables for mountain biking in its purest form and what revolutionary contribution the eBike can make in future, based on the example of the USA.

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Greta Weithaler from the chest up wearing a bike helmet

Former Worldcup Cyclist

Greta Weithaler 

Greta Weithaler's enthusiasm for eMountain biking is contagious, she is all about communicating the pleasure, igniting the spark. An inspiring, shared experience in nature.

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Trial Vice World Champion

Stefan Schlie 

Stefan inspires and goes beyond the usual limits with his riding technique: here, Uphill Flow means, above all, playing outside the prescribed rules, on the edge of the comfort zone, developing and challenging himself.

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