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Well equipped on a bike holiday

4.5 million Germans go exploring with a bicycle while on holiday. That statistic was revealed in the 2016 ADFC bicycle travel report. The share of eBikers has reached 11 percent, almost double last year’s figure. There are several reasons for this: Longer excursions are possible, ascents can be overcome with less effort, and electric support evens out differences in performance. However, a bicycle trip requires good preparation. According to information from the AFDC, about 90 percent of bicycle travelers download information like digital maps from the Internet. Not only Google Maps, but digital navigation materials are becoming more and more important: 33 percent of travelers already rely on GPS devices like Nyon, the first all-in-one on-board computer for eBikes. Well equipped and connected – those are decisive factors for a good bike trip. Several initiatives in this direction are being launched this year, initiatives that open new possibilities for vacationers.

eBike routes through the Swabian Alb

With support from Bosch eBike Systems, the city of Münsingen is implementing a pilot project to encourage tourism. In the Swabian Alb, a mobility center is being created that, starting in summer 2016, will offer pedelec rentals and serve as a starting point for five eBike tours through the UNESCO-recognized Swabian Alb biosphere reserve. Several charging stations along the way offer eBike vacationers the opportunity to recharge their batteries. Seventeen pedelecs are available for idyllic tours of the Swabian Alb, each equipped with a Bosch drive system and Nyon on-board computer. From step-throughs to eMTBs – there is something to meet every eBike need. The tours vary in length between 25 and 60 kilometers, with altitude changes ranging from 200 to 800 meters – a relaxing eBike experience thanks to a gentle push from behind.

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Sustainably strengthening eBike infrastructure

One project of the ZEG, the German association of bicycle retailers, focuses on the goal of sustainably designed infrastructure for eBike tourism. “As the world’s market leader in eBike drive systems, an intelligent bicycle infrastructure is important for us. That’s why we are involved in long term initiatives to expand bike trail networks and charging stations. We provide eBikers and everyone who would like become an eBiker with our best possible support and service, even when they are on vacation,” Fleischer says. An extensive network of eBike rental stations is the centerpiece of the project. As of spring 2016, about 3500 pedelecs with Bosch drive systems are available at selected ZEG rental stations as well as hotels, bed and breakfasts, vacation rentals and tourist information offices across Germany and Austria. The eBikes are maintained by 670 service partners. A mobile app provides information about the closest rental station and makes it possible to book a bike directly over the smartphone. Specialist consultants from Bosch eBike Systems support the operators of the rental stations by providing training courses in their individual regions.

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BikeHotels Südtirol - taking the eBike to new heights

“The trend toward sporty applications is especially in focus right now. The electric tailwind is also becoming more and more popular among mountain bikers,” says Claus Fleischer, head of Bosch eBike Systems. About 70% of the tourists who visit South Tyrol do so to pursue sporting activities. The aim is to strengthen this trend through a collaboration with BikeHotels Südtirol, an association of 39 bike hotels and eight bike schools. The ten hotels that have been certified by Bosch eBike Systems so far offer their guests a breakdown service provided by trained experts, charging stations, tour maps, weekly rates and special offers for short stays. In addition, they organize guided eBike tours with trained, local guides. Anyone who would rather chart their own course can find their way with Nyon: enter in the route and off you go.

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