Navigation options while riding

Screen with active navigation

When navigation is active, you will see the following information on your display:

  • Turn-by-turn directions
  • Calculated time of arrival
  • Distance from destination
  • Current location
  • Switch between 2D and 3D view
  • Center view (if map was moved)
  • Range indicator

Turn-by-turn directions

In the upper left part of the display, turn-by-turn directions are shown - with an arrow showing the direction, and the distance from the turn.

Notification tones

Your Nyon alerts you to the upcoming turn with a notification tone.

Range indicator

If you have started navigation, below the map on the right you will see whether the battery has enough charge to
reach your destination. The range indicator changes its color and appearance depending on the calculated charge level of the eBike battery at the destination.

green: > 30%
orange: 15% - 30%
red: 7% - 15%
! red: < 7%

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