My activities are not recorded or are only partially recorded. What can I do?

Incorrect settings in the smartphone and the eBike Flow app can lead to your activities only being partially recorded.

To ensure complete activity tracking, make sure of the following:

  • The Flow app must be open in the background during your activities. In other words, it must be visible in the App Switcher and there must be a stable Internet connection.

  • The location tracking permission in your smartphone settings should be set to Always allow for Android devices and Always for iOS devices.

  • Low power mode/battery saver should be turned off.

  • For Android devices, please also check if the Flow app is excluded from your smartphone's energy-saving function, including battery optimization.

An example of how to find the energy saving function/battery optimization is:
On your smartphone, go to  Settings >  Power Saving Mode or Battery Optimization. Select All Apps, search for Flow. Select Don't optimize or Do not allow and confirm your selection.

If you can't find the power saving function/battery optimization, please refer to your smartphone's user manual.

Note: If you have problems again, please check the exceptions list once more. After an update, eBike Flow App may disappear from the list.

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