Enjoy the Show!

Uphill Flow I

The film about the bike – in 2014, Bosch produced the first interactive eMTB race world-wide. The four "Uphill Flow" project cyclists take you along for the ride and share their experiences – from the perspective of your choice. For this purpose, the participants have been filmed separately and the images put together to form an interactive race. Decide for yourself who you wish to accompany during the race.

Uphill Flow II

At a high alpine altitude of 2,283 metres, the massive Dolomite peaks are a beauty to behold – this UNESCO world heritage site is breath-taking. Stefan Schlie, Trail World Champion and several times German Champion, takes the eMountain bike skills camp participants on spectacular trails leading up to the Rosengarten peak plateau in 2015.

Uphill Flow III

We accompany our Uphill Flow Enthusiasts on their individual flow trips and take a look into the future with Gary Fisher. In cooperation with trail-building guru Diddie Schneider, the first Uphill Flow Trail worldwide will be created at the MTB Zone Bikepark Bischofsmais in 2017.