Skills and styles

of eMountain Biking

Uphill Flow – the summit is the destination!

Steep slopes hold no fears with the eBike. Overcome difficult mountain trails and feel the ultimate Uphill Flow. The drive makes uphill riding easy. This enables you to apply your energy to maximum effect and allows you to focus more on agile handling while riding. Face obstacles such as roots and rocks with a clear head and choose your lines precisely.

Trail techniques – ready for new challenges?

With the special eFactor, the trail sport knows no bounds. Here, everyone gets what they’re looking for! You can tackle technically challenging sections with your eBike not only safely but also with a huge serving of speed. The trail is yours!

Cool style –

the pro shows how it's done

Cool style –

the pro shows how it's done

What about coolness?

Uphill Wheelie

Celebrate the archetypal bike trick even more stylishly with the eBike. During uphill wheelies, you remain permanently in the saddle, while the front wheel keeps lifting off slightly from the ground. Smoothly overcome small obstacles and scree within the current pedal stroke.

Tapping technique

Whether rocks or big roots: Free yourself for new challenges and show even larger obstacles what you're made of with the "tipping" technique – a real eBike highlight. With the right pedal setting and the correct gear you too can become a "tipping champion".

Wheel prancing

Effortless uphill riding: Use the electric drive to get your bike to literally prance up difficult uphill sections. All of the weight is on the rear wheel. Go your own way and enjoy the ultimate flow on even the most challenging trails!

eBike turnaround

Dead end on the trail? Stay cool as you perform an about-turn, making your bike to face in the opposite direction with a casual mid-air twist! Make sure to use the right technique and check that there is no-one nearby!