How can I remove my eBike from the eBike Flow app?

Please only remove your eBike and reset the owner profile if you are no longer the owner of the eBike (e.g. because you are selling your eBike). This allows another user to connect to the eBike and you to connect to another eBike on the same smartphone.

1) If the eBike is still displayed in your eBike Flow app:

Follow these steps to remove an eBike from your account and reset the eBike owner profile:

1.1) Within the eBike Flow app, go to ** :settings > Settings > My eBike > Reset & Remove > Remove eBike**.

1.2) Also remove the smart system eBike from the Bluetooth device list on your smartphone. Proceed as follows to do so:

  • Go to the Bluetooth settings of your smartphone
  • Find smart system eBike in the list of devices
  • Tap on the i or  on the right side
  • Select Forget this device and confirm

Please note:, If you remove the eBike in the Flow app, custom settings such as custom riding modes will also be removed.

You can also find  a video here.
To re-establish the connection, follow the pairing steps and reconnect to the eBike.

2) If the eBike is no longer displayed in the Flow app, follow these steps:

  • Log into  eBike Manager via a web browser to view the eBikes connected to your account.
  • Under My eBike, search for the eBike that no longer belongs to you and click Reset owner profile.
  • After resetting, the eBike will be removed from your account and can be reconnected by a new user.

You can find the privacy policy for the eBike Flow app  here.

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