In the event of theft

Be prepared

If your eBike is stolen, you must prove that it actually belongs to you. Prepare yourself for this.

  1. Take a picture of your eBike's bill.
  2. Write down the frame number of your eBike. The police will likely ask for the frame number and an accurate description of your eBike.
  3. Take a photo of your entire eBike.

Save all the information so you have it at hand in case your eBike is stolen.

Use the eBike Pass for this. You can find it in the eBike Flow app under  Settings > My eBike > eBike Pass

How the ConnectModule and eBike Alarm work in the event of theft

Acoustic and visual alarm

If your eBike detects movement even though it is protected with eBike Lock, a local alarm is first triggered with sound signals and illuminated LEDs on the eBike. If your eBike continues to move, or if a particularly strong movement is detected, the acoustic signal will be much louder than with slight movements.

Alarm notification

If your eBike is moved significantly, you will also receive an alarm notification on your smartphone.

Tracking mode

It also puts your eBike Flow app into tracking mode. This allows you to locate your eBike and track changes in location over time.

The ConnectModule can provide position updates for up to one week. The frequency of position updates is designed to provide the last possible position while conserving battery power. The ConnectModule uses its motion detection capabilities to decide whether the position of the eBike has been changed or not. Only when the position is changed does it provide a location update. If the bike is not moved, the ConnectModule sends a "health ping" once a day.

Contacting the police

Do not attempt to retrieve your eBike yourself. If you are sure that your eBike has been stolen, contact the police as soon as possible and provide all available information about your eBike and its location. The first hours after a theft are crucial.

Do not remove a stolen eBike from the eBike Flow app account

Do not remove the stolen eBike from your eBike Flow app account.

Neither via "Reset & Remove" in settings nor in response to an email request to reset the ownership profile. If you remove the stolen eBike from your account, no further data tracking is possible and the thief can transfer the eBike into his own account.

If you want to use another eBike with the Bosch smart system with your eBike Flow app without removing your stolen eBike, you still have two options:

  1. Log out in the Flow app under  Settings > Profile > Log out
    You can then log in again with the same account and connect the new eBike.  The old/stolen eBike remains invisibly connected to the account and cannot be taken over by the thief.

  2. Create a new eBike Flow app account (new Single Key ID) with a different email address. Log in with your new account and connect to the new eBike.

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