Another user has connected his eBike Flow app to the eBike. How can I delete this user connection to be able to connect the eBike to my eBike Flow app?

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If your eBike is already connected to another Flow app account, please request an ownership profile reset or ask the user to remove the eBike from their account.

Request ownership profile reset:

To send a request to the user whose account is currently connected to the eBike, please connect once again to your eBike. When you are on the screen Your eBike is already connected to another Flow app account, click on Request reset. As soon as the ownership profile has been reset by the user, you can connect to the eBike.

If it is not possible to remove the eBike from the other eBike Flow App account, please do the following:.

Visit an eBike dealer, take your eBike and the following documents with you to claim your eBike ownership:

  • Your ID card or passport: We verify your identity with the help of eBike dealers.

  • Your proof of ownership: A payment document (eg. original invoice) helps us to identify the eBike belongs to you. Please make sure the buyer is the same as your full name.

  • Your Bosch System ID which helps us to identify the eBike you are owning, and allows us to reset the ownership. To find out the Bosch System ID, make sure you have tried to connect to the eBike and sent an ownership request to the previous user. After your request is sent, you will receive an email Your request is on the way. You can find the Bosch System ID (eg. xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx) in the email.

After you have submitted the documents to your dealer, your dealer will connect your eBike to the diagnostic system to create a diagnostic report. You can then take your eBike back with you.
However, the check and reset will still take about 3 days, as our support team will first check your documents.
We will inform your dealer as soon as the ownership has been reset. Contact them or simply try to pair your eBike with the Flow app after 3 days.

Note: The privacy policy of the eBike Flow App :External link: can be found here .


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