Enduro World Series 2017


Enduro World Series 2017


eBikes for journalists

The Enduro World Series is the world's largest and most well-known racing series for Enduro mountain biking. The world’s best mountain bikers compete in eight races, and at the end the Enduro World Champion is declared.

CUBE Bikes gave 20 journalists electric mountain bikes epowered by Bosch. The electric operation makes it easier and faster to transport photography equipment, and guarantees optimal reporting conditions. Cooperation at four European races in 2016 was a great success, and it will continue in 2017.

Round 3: Wicklow, Ireland

Round three of the Enduro World Series took place in the Carrick Mountains in Ireland from 13 to 15 March 2016. The sun was shining again this year and the Irish spectators made for a great atmosphere.

Round 4: La Thuile, Italy

Round four of the Enduro World Series took place in La Thuile in Italy from 16 to 17 July 2016. Photographers and journalists’ lives were made so much easier as they were able to comfortably carry their equipment with a CUBE eBike epowered by Bosch.

Always in the middle of the action

The best and fastest Enduro mountain bikers in the world compete at the Enduro World Series. Although the organiser provides a shuttle service, reporters can be more flexible and independent with the eBikes, putting them right in the middle of the action at each stage. At all European rounds of the Enduro World Series, CUBE Bikes provides 20x Stereo Hybrid 160 eBikes for journalists and photographers.

"Really great!

It is so much easier to climb up the mountain with all your equipment on the eBike."

"Whenever you need more power, you get more power"

"Going uphill is great, it feels like you are cycling up a trail and not just a slope. You get the chance to turn a climb into an uphill trail". Greg Callaghan - Winner of Enduro World Series Round 3 in Wicklow, Ireland - is also a fan and has been won over by eBikes.

Round 7: Valberg-Guillaumes, France

Round 7 passed through Valberg-Guillaumes, one of the region's traditional skiing areas on 17 and 18 September 2016. Instead of using the ski lift, the riders climb up the 2,000m using pedal power alone.

Round 8: Final Ligure, Italy

During round 8, some really exciting races took place from 1 to 2 October 2016. Against the impressive backdrop of the Italian Riviera there was sun, sea and hundreds of miles of highly demanding trails.

Good arguments for the eBike

We interviewed three people, who had various points of contact with the eBike and different experiences. Read more here:


Jérémie Reuiller



After having finished my photography studies, I have taken photos at all of the Enduro World Series events since 2013 and written about the races. The photographers' work at the EWS has changed since it began. The magnificent landscapes in the images make everything look nice and easy. A good photo however requires an awful lot of work behind the scenes. With effective organisation, a laptop and eBikes we can work faster and take photos of more riders. It's excellent for us!

What are the advantages of being able to ride an eBike at the EWS for you?

The main thing is to be able to take photos everywhere. When the photography session is taking place in the mountains or anywhere far away, it becomes very difficult without an eBike. By foot the route is too long and most of the time cannot be tackled by car or scooter. With an eMTB, however, I can get everywhere and take photos quickly.


How does it feel to go uphill on an eMTB?

I rode an eMTB for the first time in 2015 at the EWS in Finale Ligure. I was amazed by its level of performance and the possibilities it opens up to us! Steep or long climbs - anything is possible. I wanted to follow the race up and down the mountain with a very heavy camera bag. The only way I could achieve this and still have enough energy to do the work was to use an eBike. Riding an eMTB is definitely the most relaxing part of my work. With my eMTB the two-hour ride actually becomes two hours of fun because I can tackle steep and technical trails uphill with almost superhuman power. I enjoy the whole route and get to the top of the mountain with a huge smile on my face. And riding on the mountain is fun, just like an uninterrupted descent.


How did the EWS participants and teams, spectators and other journalists react when you were at an EWS race on an eMTB for the first time?

When we overtake the riders going uphill they all laugh and want one for themselves! The spectators and the event staff are very curious about the electric mountain bikes and ask us questions about how to use it, its performance and its specs. Some have never seen an eMTB.


You were won over from the start. How did everyone else find it?

Perceptions have changed since the first EWS race. In the meantime, eBikes have become a familiar sight and lots of people ask me why I had never cycled an eMTB before!

Marketing Manager

Guillaume Heinrich



I am 32 years old and I love bikes and the outdoors. Like so many of my French opponents, I have been riding Enduro and taking part in races for over a decade. I have placed top 50 in the EWS races and top 10 at Megavalanche. Through my work in the cycle industry, I've been combining my passion with my job for years now and am currently the Marketing Manager at Bosch eBike Systems in France.

How does Bosch support the cooperation between CUBE and EWS?

Together with CUBE, Bosch provides a fleet of 20 electric mountain bikes for members of the media sector at the stages of the European World Series (EWS). Journalists and photographers can get around more quickly and easily with these eMTBs. They enable them to carry their equipment in an efficient and environmentally-friendly manner from one stage to the next. The Cube Action Team's riders also use eMTBs as part of their training programme. More and more athletes are using eMTBs. It’s definitely added a new dimension to our sport.


What is Enduro mountain biking?

You could say that Enduro is the main mountain biking discipline of today. Everyone wants to ride Enduro or is already doing so. They pedal up the mountains at their own pace, enjoy the outdoors and the landscape and then look forward to the downhill stretch - all by bike. Enduro races operate like car rallies. There is a time limit for reaching the top of the mountain. Downhill there are timed stages and a few sections to pedal.


What features do the eBikes have that were used for the project?

The CUBE Stereo Hybrid 160 was chosen because of its level of performance. You can tackle the hardest stages of the Enduro World Series race circuits with it. It has 160mm of front and rear suspension, a 66° steering head angle and a low centre of gravity.

The eMTB is fitted with a Performance Line CX drive unit from Bosch with a torque of 75 Nm, a PowerPack 500 battery and a Nyon onboard computer.

In the 2017 CUBE Bikes product range you will find exactly the same bike as the CUBE Stereo Hybrid 160 used. For more information, contact your local CUBE dealer.


Downhill Pro

André Wagenknecht



Born in the Vogtland in Germany, André has long been involved in the downhill sport and has now also been successful in the Enduro races for a number of years. "Knecht" as his friends call him, did not come to the sport from cross country, like many others did, and instead started directly with the downhill sport in the 90s. André has been a Cube Action Team rider from its beginnings and won the German championship titles in downhill and Enduro.

After going for the first German MTB-Enduro championship title in 2014, you dropped out for a long time. What happened?

I was diagnosed with glandular fever. As a result, the season was immediately over for me. It was very disillusioning. It took a long time before I could gradually start again and even then my approach was cautious.


What role did the eBike play in your rehabilitation?

The eBike gave me a light at the end of the tunnel. The doctors banned me from using the bike completely, but with the eBike I could get back on it in a very controlled fashion. I noticed then that I could train on the eBike in a structured manner, that I could control my pulse and above all that I could enjoy myself. I could check my pulse really easily on the Nyon onboard computer. I also had all other training parameters there at a glimpse so that I could very easily monitor and also set the course.


Do you think it is useful and necessary to develop race formats for eBikes?

A race format for eBikes is certainly interesting. Right now we are still at the discovery stage. I tested a lot of them out in 2016 to find out about new race formats. As a rider, I still have the opportunity to help shape and guide. The focus should however absolutely be on the fun factor and not on the challenge.

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Enduro World Series 2017

The Enduro World Series is heading for its next round in 2017 – and this year Cube and Bosch are once again offering electrical support!

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