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Listening to silent green 


Sofie Birch, a sound artist and producer based in her home, Copenhagen, found her very own approach to living and working between the healing effect of nature and the pace of city beats: listening and taking from both worlds. The result is a unique body of work, characteristic for its soft ambient and melodic compositions throughout which the sound artist experiments with field recordings she finds wherever she moves.

Copenhagen is one of the most forward thinking sustainable cities in the world, with, since 2005, 168.723.890,59 Australian Dollars invested in cycling infrastructure and the aim to become mostly car-free within the next decade. The city’s lifestyle embraces the fluid, agile and flexible nature of things, such as how to balance all things family, work and leisure. People in this city seem to be in tune with the awareness to shape a collective green future without loosing one’s own individual path.

Just as many citizen of Copenhagen, Sofie embraces a lifestyle in which the love for city life falls nothing short of her love for nature. It is about merging both worlds, for the planet and for her city she calls home. Her decision to replace any other means of transportation with her eCargo is adding to this green lifestyle, and her passion.

Silent green
Listen to the sounds of sound artist Sofie Birch

The importance to really listen

Sofie’s unique sounds are the result of extensive listening - possible only when being able to focus on surroundings, free to spot silence and nature, while still feeling inspired by progress and movement of a fast paced city life.

Realities bend into unique compositions

Once recorded, Sofie is merging the sounds into unique experimental music. She is not only taking them and adding them to carefully crafted musical patterns, but she transforms them until they become alive in a space beyond reality, opening up new worlds. 

Healing Musical Utopias

The power of sounds lays in transporting us into worlds, into our pasts, the accelerated experience of the now, or even our dreams of the future. Sofie describes her sonic creations as musical utopias: music experienced as a place where she can hide, feel safe and live through visions of bright times ahead of us.

„I hope that the future will bring a greener city, where I can find more silent corners.“

„Cycling is a way of feeling immersed in my surroundings.“

Tracing Sofie’s Silent Green 

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Reach and Forecast

Since the opening of the first bicycle superhighway the average trip length for cyclist has increased to 11 km per day. * On most days, Sofie can top this, what makes her point out one of the most important product features: constant track of battery range. Just like this, Sofie can explore limitless journeys and sounds while never running out of power.

Car Replacement

The eCargo enables Sofie to navigate stress-free through daily life, as she can quickly transition between caring for those who need her - such as her little daughter - and bringing everything she needs along. On top of that her Nyon shows her the money she did NOT spend on gas and instead, shows her the CO2 she saved - reminding her of how she helps to make the city even greener.


It’s essential to Sofie’s practice to know where to find the perfect sounds, to never miss a moment of the unique experience our environment can gift us with. A glimpse of the ocean or catching the sound of rain? With Nyon’s integrated navigation tool Sofie can arrive wherever she wants to go, planning with time and all eventualities.


With all those benefits she obviously want to take good care about her e-bike. Some of our most valuable belongings need extra care. With the new anti-theft system, Lock, Nyon becomes not only the key to the weather forecast, but also to the motor itself, blocking it from unasked activity. So Sofie can focus on the really important things in life.

„When I ride my eBike I’m connected to the surroundings. I am connected to the weather - I am connected to the sounds around me.“

Find out more about sound artist Sofie Birch

Find out more about sound artist Sofie Birch. Check out Sofie’s extensive body of work here, on Instagram or Facebook and drift away into her musical utopias, dreaming of more greener, sustainable city life.


„I think it is so important to listen, and really listen, to what is around you and inside you.“

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